From the seed of an idea…
better learning environments grow.

At this year’s BETT we’ll be on hand to talk to educators who want learning environments that will help them achieve their educational vision. They might not know exactly what they need, but they’ll have a hunch, some ideas, a sense of direction, and the Spaceoasis and Learniture teams can help them make it real. Whether it’s part of a major building project or a disused room ripe for reinvention – the first step towards your amazing learning space is a conversation with us.

BETT 2020 takes place from 22nd to 25th January at London’s Excel. Find us on stand SE21.

We make the furniture that enables people to do things differently…
We work with educators from every walk of learning who are either convinced that there is a better way to ‘do’ learning environments or have a nagging feeling that chalk and talk just doesn’t cut it any more. Our clients know that change is needed and they work with us to make it happen, creating learning environments that enable a fresh approach. They know that today’s learners need agile, adaptable skills for a job that may not even exist yet, so they come to us for environments that help develop those skills. They know that in a classroom there will be a diversity of needs and that to engage everyone you need to offer autonomy and choice, so they work with us to create learning spaces where everyone can find their place. We make the furniture and design the spaces in which all of this can happen.

Learning environments need to evolve – but how do you change?
So, you know, in your heart of hearts, that traditional learning environments don’t deliver the diverse learning experience that today’s students and teachers need. You know this (as do we), but how do you change it? How do you take an idea that has been drummed into people for nearly 150 years – the Victorian classroom with its omniscient teacher at the front being stared at by rows of seated children – and turn it into a democratic, dynamic, nurturing environment where learning becomes a shared endeavour? How do you topple that firmly embedded hierarchy? Especially when everyone has an opinion (it didn’t do me any harm…) and people are scared of change because this stuff really matters?

One small step…
If you’re at the beginning of this journey, start slowly and take one step at a time. Aim for evolution rather than revolution because too much too soon can scare the horses. Dip a toe into more progressive environments, and convert the naysayers by bringing them along with you for the ride, building consensus as you go. Some schools start with a shared area like the library (Aiglon College), that the whole school uses so they can get a feel for agile, multi-functional, zoned environments. Others take a disused room and seize the opportunity to try a new approach (Holy Cross School). Some are compelled to implement an idea that resonates with their conviction that there must be a better way of doing things (Croft Primary School and West Thornton Academy).
For schools that are further along the journey, progressive learning spaces become an integral part of a major projects (Queen Anne’s School) where a brand new approach is an integral part of the building. But they too started with one small step.

From the seed of an idea… comes your amazing learning space
So, whether your idea is on the back of a napkin (or envelope, train timetable or even the fabled fag packet), part of a fully costed major capital project, a summer refresh, or just the desire to try something new, come and talk to us. We’ve created amazing spaces for clients throughout the UK, Europe and beyond and it always starts with a conversation.

See you at BETT!